Aspro Parks own 68 businesses, of which 6 are marine parks in the Netherlands, Belgium and Spain.

It's time to recognize that marine parks perpetuate the exploitation and suffering of intelligent, sentient beings for entertainment purposes. These parks subject marine mammals to unnatural living conditions, depriving them of their basic rights to freedom and dignity.

By closing down these marine parks, Aspro Parks can demonstrate its commitment to ethical practices and respect for animals and their rights. Let's pave the way towards a future where marine life protected in their natural habitats, rather than confined to tanks for human amusement.

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Join us in advocating for compassion and change. Sign this petition and urge Aspro Parks to prioritize the well-being of marine mammals over profit. Together, we can make a difference for these voiceless creatures.''

With this petition we urge Aspro Parks to:

  • develop a structured timeline to phase out the utilization of animals in their marine parks
  • collaborate with animal welfare/rights organizations and similar entities, to explore viable options for relocating these animals to seaside sanctuaries.

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